Armor Stand
Grid Armor Stand
Type Armor Display
Storage Armor
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 1700
Source Mod BiblioCraft

The Armor Stand allows the display of armor. When right-clicked, it presents the user with an interface showing the armor currently equipped on the stand and on the user, as well as the user's inventory.

Without a redstone signal one can shift + click on the piece of armor they wish to equip. A redstone signal may be applied to the armor stand for additional effects. (i.e placing a lever on the bottom) With a redstone signal applied all armor can be swapped by shift+ right clicking.

Known BugsEdit

Player animations sometimes show on, not just the player, but the armor on the stand.

  • Only done with Modular Power Suit's armor, as far as the one writing this knows.


Crafting GUI.png

Stone Slab

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Stone Slab

Stone Slab

Armor Stand

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