Additional PipesAdvanced BatPackAdvanced Solar Panels
Animated PlayerApatite OreArmor Stand
BBGN ModPack WikiBatBoxBatPack
BiblioCraftBiomes O' PlentyBookcase
Bronze BootsBronze ChestplateBronze Helmet
Bronze IngotBronze LeggingsBuildCraft
CFPackCarpenter's BlocksChickenChunks
Chisel (Mod)CoFH CoreCodeChickenCore
Composite Armor VestComputerCraftCustom Mob Spawner
DeskEUElectric Jetpack
Elite MemberElite TrustedElite Trusted Governor
Elite Trusted HonoredEnhancedCoreEnhancedPortals
ExtraTiCExtra BeesExtra Trees
Fertilizer (Forestry)Flat SignsForestry
Forestry ExtrasGovernorGravestones
Greg's LightingGuestHazmat Suit
Hazmat Suit LeggingsHonoredIC2 Nuclear Control
IChun UtilIndustrialCraft 2Inventory Tweaks
Iron ChestsJetpackKeithyUtils
Lanterns (Mod)Logistics PipesMember
MetallurgyMo' CreaturesMob Amputation
Mob DismembermentMorphMr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod
NEI AddonsNEI PluginsNanoSuit
NaturaNo More Recipe ConflictsNo Void Fog No Dimming
Not Enough ItemsOpenBlocksOpenModsLib
OpenPeripheral AddonsOpenPeripheral CorePam's HarvestCraft
RanksRecycle Items PlusRoguelike Dungeons
Rubber BootsScuba HelmetSecret Rooms
Shoulder SurfingSolar HelmetStatic Boots
StatuesSuper MemberSuper Trusted
Super Trusted GovernorSuper Trusted HonoredThermal Expansion
Tinkers' ConstructTrustedVoxelMap

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